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newborn star v. unique

the Rachel (Grey) Summers fan community

the Rachel Summers fan community
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We have met before . . . this newborn star and I.

This community is dedicated to the X-Men's first daughter, Rachel Summers/Grey. Maybe you've been her fan since she first appeared back in the eighties, or maybe you're a newcomer; everyone is welcome.

As for what you're allowed to post, just about anything related to Rachel is fine: discussion of her character, past plots, future prospects, powers, family, relationships . . . what have you. Fanfiction and fanart is also accepted--nay, encouraged. :) Just try and be nice to each other, okay? Everyone's entitled to their own opinions.

Oh, and no off-topic advertisements or plugs, please. Thank you.

Your friendly neighborhood mods:

Hound, X-Man, Phoenix, rebel leader, college student, slave, Summers, Grey . . . Rachel has been many things. Since returning to the current Marvel timeline and the pages of Uncanny X-Men she has taken up the name and role of Marvel Girl, hoping to make a fresh start for herself after her most recent bout of time-travel and imprisonment.

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"I've already seen everyone I love and cherish slaughtered once
in my life--but I won't let it happen again! Never again!"
-Uncanny X-Men #196

"I'm Phoenix. If I die, it's only to be reborn
--hopefully better and brighter than before."
-Excalibur: The Sword Is Drawn

"Kitty, promise me you'll say 'hello.'"
"I--I don't understand."
"When I'm born, to Scott and Jean. Promise me you'll hold me
in your arms . . . keep me safe and warm . . . and give me a kiss 'hello.'"
"I promise."
-Excalibur #75

"Hey, I come in peace."
-Cable #95

"The last thing the Phoenix said to me was,
'the past is forever gone, cherish your future.'"
-Excalibur #67

Check out our sister community, _pryde, which is dedicated to Rachel's best friend, Kitty. :)