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09 November 2005 @ 06:59 pm
You guys should really check out the first issue of New Excalibur. True, Rachel isn't on the main cast, but she's guest-starring in this first story (along with Kitty, Kurt and Betsy). The first issue is bloody brilliant* on a number of levels (not the least being Michael Ryan's wonderful, wonderful art, which I have missed so much since he left New X-Men).

I do kind of wish Ray and Kitty would stay on this team. I always loved the Excalibur concept, and this seems a lot more like the original (except with possibly less wacky plots).

Oh, and they seem to be collecting the original Excalibur in trades (finally). The first one came out a week or two ago.

Aaand, don't forget, the new arc of Uncanny (starting in two weeks, I think) is going to be Rachel-centric. Wheee.

*Even if CC did just steal a very famous catchphrase from Buffy. Man, Joss might just kick his ass.
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17 August 2005 @ 02:21 pm
So this whole "End of Greys" (or apparently, "Grey's End") arc has been mentioned here before (and by Mike Marts), but now we have a cover and a blurb to go with it. Here's Bacchalo's cover art for November's issue of Uncanny, and the summary.

Uncanny X-Men #466Collapse )

I'm pretty excited for this. Also, while I'm pretty sorry to see Davis go (the last few issues have been stellar), I like Bacchalo's portrayal here. Here's hoping he's consistent.
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22 July 2005 @ 02:08 pm
Check it out, guys. Cover and summary behind the cut.

X-Men Unlimited #11Collapse )
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11 July 2005 @ 01:47 pm
I just saw this in uncannyxmen.net's Monday with Marts section.

Trevor -- Rachel Summers has gone to the future and back, what does she bring to the X-Men and what is in store for her in the near future?

Mike Marts -- Directly following HOUSE OF M, the first arc of UNCANNY X-MEN is entitled “End of Greys”…you can draw your own conclusion as to what that means, but count on one thing—it ain’t good! She’ll be assuming a primary role in UNCANNY X-MEN over the course of 2006. Expect her to take some unexpected (and some familiar) turns.
18 May 2005 @ 03:29 pm
Marvel has released previews for its August solicitations. The cover of Uncanny X-Men #463 (which I believe is the last issue drawn by Alan Davis, who unexpectedly quit the book recently) bears Rachel and Betsy in brand-new costumes:

The coverCollapse )

It's not a huge change, but personally, I think this is an improvement over the previous version of the outfit. I wish they'd take her out of the skirt, though.

The upcoming arc will also focus primarily on Rachel and Betsy, because the rest of the team will be embroiled in the whole "House of M" event.
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03 February 2005 @ 07:42 pm
I come bearing wallpapers of Rachel Summers (Summers, not Grey, dammit!)

1. Want.
2. Take.
3. Have.
4. Comment.

1024x768 or 800x600

1024x768 or 800x600

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24 January 2005 @ 07:17 pm
Hey guys. Just popping up to say, I hope you like our new community icon (you'll have to go to the mainpage to see it). It's a manipulation of a picture of Emma Caulfield (she played Anya on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, if you didn't know).
07 January 2005 @ 11:06 pm
On Toon Disney 2, they show the old X-Men cartoon. RIght now they are doing their Apocalypse mini series. After he captured Xavier, they pan and show the mutants that Apocalypse has captured. They show Rachel.

Just thought you might like that tiny bit of information...

But I have a question, is this the only appearance she makes?
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21 December 2004 @ 10:40 pm
A 17 icon songset to Big & Rich's (yes, the guys who sing that wonderful song about saving a horse and riding a cowboy) new single "Holy Water". And it's not a really religious song, so don't go running off. It happens to apply to Rachel and her life really well. Remember, all these icons and more can be found at crapnahalficons. Same rules apply:
[x] Leave a Comment, Telling What You Take
[x] Give Me Credit for the Icons in Keywords
[x] No Hotlinking
[x] Enjoy :)


Take Me Away?
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18 December 2004 @ 07:31 pm
Hey folks! We're awfully quiet around here, eh?

Anyway, I wanted to make sure you all knew about the spiffy Rachel X Forum. It's attached to one of the best Rachel sites on the net, (subliminal) Rachel Summers. There's lots of good discussion, and a fair dose of silliness. I'm registered as "kisshello." :)

Anyway, back to studying! I hate finals.
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