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07 January 2008 @ 06:33 pm
FAN FIC: Muse B-Sides Track 01 "Tubular Bells"  
Title: Tubular Bells
Author: resolute
Fandom: X-Men comics
Character: Rachel Summers-Grey
Rating: PG, or Teen? I can't tell! Umm, it's a little dark?
Notes: Thank you to sionnain for the beta. This is written for the muse_bsides comm, where people write, well, song fic, for a character. The title is from the song "Tubular Bells," which is better known as "the theme song from the Exorcist." It contains one clear line, "Mother, make it stop."
Summary: Rachel is a child, experimenting with her beginning powers. Set before the Sentinels raze the school.

Cut to fic.